Generation Y Media Consumption

It seems as though anytime a seemingly rhetorical, somewhat unanswerable question arises in casual conversation, I find myself reaching for my pocket.  In moments the answer will appear on a 2×4 inch electronic display and I’ll have consumed information.  Sometimes pointless information, but information nonetheless.  What allows our generation to feel so attached to our beloved smart phones breaks down to comfortability.  We aren’t hesitant to google search the average weight of a great white buffalo because we are familiar with the steps and have no fear in failing.  Watching my mom and dad, on the other hand, trying to navigate the internet via mobile device holds similar entertainment value to that of a sitcom–watching a sad attempt at success, but ultimately knowing that solid effort was the only positive aspect of the whole ordeal.  They fail.

At risk of blowing too much smoke up my own generation’s bottom, I digress.  

Is binge consumption of mobile media a good thing?  Part of me thinks that consuming information in mass quantities at high rates can’t actually benefit the consumer–info would be flying in one ear and out the other (I know we read our iPhones for the most part–  bare with me).  Certainly we can’t retain every useless piece of information we read on our mobile phones, but what about the good stuff?  Perhaps our media consumption method is unfavorable–creating a generation of monkeys who are too lazy to seek out valuable information.  Rather, they masterfully type on centimeter-wide keys to obtain information that quenches the thirst of instant gratification–but not necessarily that of accuracy or quality.


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